Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center

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Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center

Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center instills hope, teaches resilience, and helps patients achieve recovery from their addiction at its residential location in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and its outpatient and sober living facility in Sandy, Utah.


Wasatch Recovery utilizes evidenced-based treatment modalities along with experiential activities, to support addiction recovery and prevent relapse

The team of addiction specialists at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center takes a holistic approach to care. They don’t just treat the drug or alcohol addiction, but all aspects of a client’s health, including body, mind, and spirit.


Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment in a variety of settings, offering residential treatmentday treatmentintensive outpatient treatment, and sober living. The team also provides social detox to manage the initial withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol.


The addiction treatment center also has mental health services and medication management.


Though Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides care for all adults suffering from an addiction, the team focuses on delivering care for financially disadvantaged individuals and families.


Care at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center is hard but filled with love. To learn more call or book a consultation online today.



Wasatch Recovery has created a culture that inspires people to live drug-free and make a profound impact on the lives of others through helping them think and act in a life-changing way. To instill hope, to teach resilience, to achieve Recovery!


This is accomplished through 3 areas of focus:
MIND – A therapeutic model that incorporates CBT and various other evidence-based practices.

BODY – A focus on whole-body balance with physical Fitness, nutrition, and experiential activities.

SPIRIT – An understating of something greater than the individual.



Lasting change comes from real-life experiences, education, and incorporating new tools into your everyday life that enable you to relate and live in the world in a genuine and uplifting way.