Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center

Residential Treatment

What is residential treatment?

Residential or inpatient treatment involves staying at the center for 30-90 days during your addiction recovery process. One of the main benefits of residential treatment is the structure provided by the facility. Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center is dedicated to the recovery process, allowing you to truly focus on addressing your addiction and its psychological effects. The center provides inpatient rehab for patients suffering from a number of addictions, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, meth, and marijuana.


Residential treatment provides you with a safe environment free of the possible triggers of outside settings. The center also provides you with the 24/7 medical and psychological support you need when you need it. This makes it easier to seek treatment during times of distress. 

What treatments are available in a residential addiction program?

Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center offers several services to help support your recovery and find a psychological and physical balance.



Detox is an essential part of the recovery process. Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides medically-supervised detox, ensuring your health and safety throughout the process. The team uses medical monitoring and a number of pharmaceutical therapies to help promote a comfortable detox.



Therapy is an essential part of addressing the psychological aspects of addiction. Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides individual and group therapy to help identify the underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction.



For many patients in recovery, nutrition is an essential part of restoring health to the body. The team can help develop meal plans that help patients establish healthy behaviors that they can maintain during and after their recovery. Diet and nutrition are essential to allowing the brain to heal from addiction.


Recreation therapy

The recovery process can take its toll both physically and mentally. The long and short-term effects of withdrawal can cause all kinds of stress on the body and mind. Fitness therapy is a useful tool in relieving stress and giving patients a healthy outlet for their frustrated energy.

The center offers fitness routines customized to the strength and activity level of each patient. Fitness therapy may include activities like yoga, cardio training, basketball, weight training, and hiking. The center also provides experiential therapy, offering patients a mix of pleasurable activities they can incorporate into their lives during and after the recovery process.

What is medication-assisted rehab?

Medication-assisted rehab is a comprehensive approach taken in residential treatment facilities that combines talk therapy and other modalities with FDA-approved medications to promote a successful recovery.


Medication-assisted therapy is commonly used to address opioid addiction. Common medications used include Suboxone®, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. Medication can also benefit those who suffer from alcohol dependence.


To learn more about residential treatment for addiction, book an appointment at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center by phone or request one online today.