Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center

Sober Living

What is sober living?

To support recovery from your addiction, Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides a sober living community. 

One of the many obstacles people face when recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is returning to regular life after treatment. Research shows that social factors affect long-term recovery. 

Living with other people who are in recovery and abstain from alcohol and drug use reduces your risk of relapse. Sober living at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center provides this type of environment.

Am I a candidate for sober living?

The team at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center determines if you’re a candidate for sober living. Before making any addiction treatment recommendations, the team conducts a comprehensive clinical and medical assessment.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the severity of your addiction and how it affects your physical and emotional well-being. The team also diagnoses other conditions, such as mental health problems, that may contribute, or be part of your addiction.

Based on their findings, the team develops your personalized addiction treatment plan. They may consider you a candidate for sober living after you complete your residential treatment program or to support your intensive outpatient program.

Sober living may also benefit those who participate in the day treatment program at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center. 

Seeing a need to help the financially disadvantaged suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center offers discounted services and financial support through generous donations made to its foundation. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, the team at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center can help, no matter your financial situation. 

What can I expect from sober living?

Sober living at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center aims to support your addiction recovery program. You can expect a comfortable, home-like environment free of drugs and alcohol.

Though not required, the team at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center may suggest you continue with your therapy and treatment while at the sober living facility. Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center uses the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step model with a therapeutic community model to help prevent a relapse.

You also need to follow the house rules and abstain from using drugs and alcohol. The length of your stay at the sober living facility may depend on your needs, but there’s no set time limit. 

Sober living is an essential part of your recovery process. Call Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center, or book a consultation online to get help for you or someone you love.