Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center

Med Management

What is med management?

Medication management or med management is one of the many services available at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center. The addiction treatment center specializes in the recovery of drug and alcohol addiction. The team offers many services that not only help you recover from your addiction but also prevent a relapse.

Part of their success lies in their whole-body approach to health and addiction, providing treatments and therapies for the body, mind, and spirit. 

This holistic approach may include medications that help you manage symptoms from any of the physical or mental conditions associated with your addiction.

Who needs medication management?

The team at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center takes an individualized approach to care. Before recommending any specific treatment, they first conduct a comprehensive clinical and medical evaluation. 

During the initial assessment, they ask detailed questions to assess your emotional and mental well-being and perform a physical to assess physical health. Based on this information, they create a customized treatment plan that provides the best outcomes for long-term sobriety.

Whether the team decides you need residential treatment or outpatient day treatment, medications may be part of your short- or long-term treatment plan. 

Though the team provides addiction treatment for adults with a range of needs, Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center specializes in connecting financially disadvantaged people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction with the care they need. 

For med management, this may include discounts on prescription medication or financial assistance to cover the cost of care through generous donations made to the Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center foundation. 

What can I expect from med management?

You can expect compassionate and comprehensive care from med management at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center. The specifics of your treatment may depend on the type of medications you take and your diagnosis.

During your medication management visits, your provider reviews the medications you take and your symptoms. Based on this information, they continue your current prescriptions or make changes. 

The frequency of your med management appointments may depend on your diagnosis and the types of medications you need. When starting a new medication, your visits may be more frequent — weekly or monthly — so the team can monitor your symptoms and make quick adjustments.

Once the team finds the right medications and dosage to manage your symptoms, they schedule your appointments every one to three months. 

The goal of med management at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center is to ensure you get the right medication to manage your physical and mental well-being to support your recovery. 

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