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How to Choose the Right Recovery Treatment

Admitting that you’re struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction can be difficult, but it’s also the first meaningful step toward recovery. The second crucial step toward recovery is deciding it’s time to seek treatment. 

But finding the right rehab program — one that meets your personal needs as it helps you reach your recovery goals — can feel like an overwhelming task, especially with such a wide range of available treatment options.   

The Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center team can help you understand your treatment options so you can find the recovery approach that meets you exactly where you’re at and helps you get to where you want to be. Here’s how to do just that.  

Different routes to recovery

All addiction treatment programs have three primary goals: to help you stop using drugs and alcohol, to give you the insight, tools, and support you need to maintain sobriety, and to help you regain control of your life in long-term recovery.

Despite sharing common objectives, each rehab and recovery program takes its unique path toward wellness:   

Residential treatment

Residential treatment is an inpatient rehab program designed to help people struggling with severe substance use disorders or persistent dependency issues. 

As the most intensive addiction treatment approach, residential programs involve living at the rehab center — and receiving professional guidance as well as round-the-clock medical and psychological support, as needed — through detox and for the next 30-90 days of your recovery process. 

Besides giving you more structure as you navigate the early days of your recovery, residential treatment provides a safe environment that’s free of outside pressures, stressors, and triggers. It also includes individual therapy, group therapy, and classes to help you understand and learn how to live without your addiction.

Intensive outpatient

An intensive outpatient (IOP) program offers the same support, therapy, and education as a residential program. But instead of staying at the rehab center, you attend treatment, classes, and therapy sessions for several hours each week as you continue to live at home. 

IOP treatment can be ideal for people who have a solid support network at home and don’t require 24/7 care during medical detox. Like inpatient care, IOP offers a custom rehab plan to help you achieve sobriety along with a community-based program to help you maintain it.   

At Wasatch Recovery, IOP programs are offered three nights per week for up to six months, so you can continue going to work and meeting your personal obligations during the day.   

Day treatment

Day treatment is essentially a form of IOP care that requires a more significant time commitment from you: instead of taking part in the program for a few nights each week, you come to the center every weekday — Monday through Friday — from 9 am to 5 pm. 

While giving you access to the same customized detox, withdrawal, counseling, and educational support as residential treatment, day treatment allows you to live at home as you work through the program. It may last for one to three months, depending on your needs.

In addition to being a highly effective stand-alone program for people who don’t require 24/7 monitoring and support, day treatment is also a fundamental component of care for most inpatient clients.   

Sober living community

Sober living helps people avoid relapse and sustain their recovery in the safety and security of a drug-free and alcohol-free environment. With this community-based treatment approach, you live at a sober living facility alongside like-minded people who are also in recovery.

Sober living offers the same structure, support, and accountability as residential treatment programs, but with more independence. In addition to attending regular group therapy sessions and 12-step meetings, residents have chores and responsibilities that make them an essential part of this interconnected community of peers. 

Sober living may be done in conjunction with an IOP program or day treatment; it’s also an ideal transition program for people who have finished residential treatment but aren’t quite ready to head home and pick up where they left off. 

Finding your path to wellness

Before making any treatment program recommendations, the team at Wasatch Recovery conducts a comprehensive clinical and medical assessment to determine the severity of your addiction. They also look for any co-occurring mental health conditions that may contribute to your addiction and shape your treatment needs.  

While many factors and considerations help determine your best path to recovery, understanding your treatment options and how they match your current needs and long-term goals is key to making the right choice for you. 

Contact us today to learn more about the highly rated — and highly successful — programs at Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center. We have an intensive outpatient and sober living facility in East Sandy, Utah, and a residential treatment center in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. 

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